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"Education for All Round Development"
Ramghat, Pokhara-12

English Medium was established in 2042 B.S. It has taken rapid steps in the field of educational development. Cent percent first division result in SLC exam is our basic norm. Besides this, we are dedicated to impart quality and modern education to the young generation.
The world is full of challenges and many changes. In such a situation, our product should be able to be competent citizen'swith sound cultural morality for the nation. A student must not fail to overcome them with true quality and ability he/she possesses. The school has an excellent environment with modern dexterity.
Our school is committed to provide time tested quality education at a reasonable and accessible fee rate. Its main target is to cover the majority of the population of any economic conditions. financial burden to the guardian is minimized as far as possible. From this Institution, the student will build up their moral and cultural character and explore their hidden talents.
Our student should be capable to meet any situation that they have to face in their life. The students are boost up to grasp the opportunity of learning, take leadership in accelerating everyone's potential, developing a positive attitude and creating homely and harmonious environment. They will be able to uplift the nation.
Admission Procedure
At this end of the academic year, admission opens for Nursery to Grade Eight for new session. Entrance Test in English, Maths, science and Nepali is taken. Interview is conducted for the students and parents/guardians both. Written Test and Interview is conducted by the School Educational Entrance Committee. The result will be cast on the merit basis.
School Uniform
Students of this school should wear the school uniform during the school hours and other programs. The uniform is as follows:
1. Sky blue Shirt and navy blue Pants/Skirt.
2. Black leather Shoes and navy blue Socks.
3. Navy blue Sweater(v necked) and Coat.
Note:School tie and belt are available in the school.
Admission Requirement
* Application form can be obtained from the Account Section.
* Photocopy of Mark-sheet of Final Exam and Character Certificate of pervious school.
* Birth Certificate.
* Two copies of passport size photograph.
Besides the about papers, original mark-sheet and character certificate are strictly required at the time of admission.
Physical Facilities
1. Spacious Class Rooms
2. Science Laboratory
3. Computer Laboratory
4. Play and Learn Room
5. Real sufficient area for all type of outdoor games
6. Library
7. Others more.
School Program
The school organizes various programs throughout the academic year. The students are divided into four houses. The school strongly believes that such programs will always provide positive support to the student and make them capable of standing up in the society and present his/her view fearlessly with eloquence, force and vivacity. They will also present their view with reason and justification.
Apart from day to day teaching, the school encourages the students with the following co-curricular activities:
* Quiz Club English * Art Club * Debating Club (english/nepali) * Handwriting * Eloquence Club (english/nepali) * Cultural Club * Essay Club (english/nepali) * Social Works * Poetry Club ( english/nepali) * Educational Tour * Public hearing Club (english/nepali) * Sports Club: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Handball, Cricket etc. including indoor games.
* Every year the best student and the best second is provided 100% and 50% free tuition fee from grade 6 to 10 respectively.
* There is provision of scholarship to the poor and intelligent, Dalit, disabled, girl and Janajati student. 5% of the total students from grade 6-10 will be benefited from this scheme.
* Three children from the same parents, upto grade ten the youngest one's tuition fee is exempted.